Pierce Family - Winter 2013

Nothing like capturing your own kids when its below freezing. Good thing the boys clean up well and have warm blood. The memories from this day will last longer then the photos. Happy Holidays from the Pierce's!

Daddy, I Wanna Play in the '65 Dodge?

There's nothing better than your son being overly-interested in your classic car. Except, when it comes time for him to actually stand on the seats and push every possible button. This time I decided to take a deep breath and capture the moments.  

Random People Pt. 1

I was walking east on the tracks and they were walking west. It must've been fate. How often does a photographer randomly bump into a hip couple that was ready and willing to snap a couple. Made my day. Thanks Tom and Lauren.

Randoms Pt. 1

I've been living in Columbus almost half my life (16 years). This city has given me an incredible amount of opportunity, friends, love, and most importantly, family. I had the chance to capture some journalistic photos of this great city the other day.  Thanks Cbus.